Welcome to the Identity Project testimonials page!

Here you will find the testimonials of some of the lovely ladies in my community who have built their businesses through the Identity Project training…

And they have only just begun to create their own profitable, lifestyle business…

These women are taking being a female entrepreneur to a whole new level.
Over at we love sharing the wins with everyone and providing the support and advice that’s needed through group coaching calls, our community Facebook group, Accountability Catch ups and email support.

Most of the reviews that you have seen below are from women that have watched my free Doing School Masterclass webinar and joined me in the journey of ‘doing’.






“I love this program! I do attend Grace’s Office Hours and Q&A’s – so so helpful and educational.”


“Thanks so much Grace you amazing babe. Crossing paths with you and your awesomeness has been the most uplifting and inspiring experience. Your passion is contagious and I totally channeled that yesterday. I even got a selfie stick video in with all the babes behind me to utilize later. Thanks to you that was possible!”


“You have opened my eyes to a new world of business possibility and prospects.”


“What you offer is spot on, no fluff, no over promising and under delivering, priced right, offer support and community. It feels very personal, and I feel you are a friend with my best interests at heart. You are passionate at what you do and teach and you pass that passion on to your staff.”


“How beautiful that you are reaching so many female entrepreneurs and having such a positive impact! You should be mega, mega proud of the goodness, kindness and empowerment you are sharing and spreading!”


“I am totally blown away with the content, care, customer service and leadership you provide. You’re amazing!”


“I want to say a big thank you to Grace and her team for a great program… every penny was well worth it and continue to be as I get ready to launch my first funnel in late December.”


“Wow! I can’t believe how right my decision was about signing up to this program! I have barely begun and the energy in this group is inspiring! Thank you Grace for creating such an empowering tool! Now to get into the ‘doing’, can’t wait for it all to begin!”


“Just have to share that I’ve just finished module 6 of my online coaching program! Woo hoo.

Feeling good, working my butt off to get this to the finish line to start filming next week. Thank you Grace Lever for reminding us not to be perfectionists and to just get on with it.”


“It has opened my mind up to how to market a business and make money. How to prioritize what I do in my business to things that will actually make me money.

There is always so much to learn and it makes me feel excited.”