Grace Lever Identity Project Review

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We can’t wait to share with you some of the amazing women in our community and their reviews about the Identity Project….

We can give you a hint…they’ve been hardcore do-ers!

These women are the definition of female entrepreneurs – they have worked so hard on their businesses without having to sacrifice their lives in the process!

Most of them have watched the Identity Project Webinar and then taken the next step to grow their business through purchasing the Identity Project.

As Bernadette explains, we aim for no-fluff training in the Identity Project and for a simple step-by-step process so you can get the most out of your business.

Have a look below for some more insight on how the ladies in our community are finding the Identity Project.








“Made some tweaks to my landing page on FB ad and got a 19% increase in conversions – just wanted to share.“


“Wow what a weekend – 25 years of learning, teaching and guiding others in Yoga and Relaxation to finally launch and fill my first Restorative Yoga Training course.

It reached its maximum and most have booked into lever two. Finally feeling all my work, passion and trust in divine wisdom has paid off. What a blessing it is.”


“A huge shout out to Grace for the awesome content on SEO. I finally tackled this piece in mid Jan and 6 weeks later I’m number 5 for Mindfulness Melbourne – a really competitive search term – and number 9 for workplace wellness Melbourne.

I had my first call from a Google search last week and have written a proposal for that organisation they will not be able to refuse! Thanks so much Grace.”


“You guys are outstanding. Thank you for giving us the latest and greatest in advertising.”


“Thank you very much! Really appreciate it! So pleased I enjoyed the Doing Academy!”


“Thank you sooooo much! I feel this course has already changed me as a person let alone it changing my life and my lifestyle! Thank you for making this course and helping people like me! Thanks a million!”


“Can I just say, you guys are all truly awesome! I’m so grateful for the lover and support. I wish all of you strength and tenacity to power through the development phase of your own businesses… and thank you to Grace for well, everything.”


“I would like to share that I have made my first sale this week of a $2k+ health program! It’s been several months since I took Grace Lever’s course and then hired someone to implement what I had learned.”


“You’re the best! Thanks so much. I have found your training program to be invaluable… so excited with what I have learned and so grateful to have found you on Facebook.”


“Being an entrepreneur can be very tough at first. But the first stage is always going to be the worst. I learned and finally decided that every single step I take will further my career and progress towards my end goal – which for an entrepreneur the goal keeps going.

Thank you for this advice and thank you for being an awesome mentor!”