Grace Lever Review

Grace Lever hosts a 90-minute virtual webinar for female entrepreneurs called the Doing School Masterclass where she focuses on Facebook Advertising, Marketing Automation, Marketing funnels and strategies to implement a profitable, lifestyle business.

For those who have attended the webinar have an exclusive invitation to join the Identity Project – a 6 week Masterclass to build your one, great funnel.

Below are a few reviews from some of the women that have completed the Identity Project and have been part of the Doing Community.

These women are amazing and have grown their businesses to new length – we hope that the reviews on the Identity Project will give you an insight of what you can achieve in your business.

Just like Emily, who has found that balance between her business and her lifestyle and is pursuing her own genius zone.

Scroll down for more reviews about the Identity Project webinar and the training that we offer.








“Thanks so much Grace you amazing babe. Crossing paths with you and your awesomeness has been the most uplifting and inspiring experience. Your passion is contagious and I totally channeled that yesterday. I even got a selfie stick video in with all the babes behind me to utilize later. Thanks to you that was possible!”


“What you offer is spot on, no fluff, no over promising and under delivering, priced right, offer support and community. It feels very personal, and I feel you are a friend with my best interests at heart. You are passionate at what you do and teach and you pass that passion on to your staff.”


“I am totally blown away with the content, care, customer service and leadership you provide. You’re amazing!”


“I want to say a big thank you to Grace and her team for a great program… every penny was well worth it and continue to be as I get ready to launch my first funnel in late December.”


“Just have to share that I’ve just finished module 6 of my online coaching program! Woo hoo.

Feeling good, working my butt off to get this to the finish line to start filming next week. Thank you Grace Lever for reminding us not to be perfectionists and to just get on with it.”


“Your enthusiasm is infectious! I am on the right track, I have had some closure on some stuff that was happening, so time to focus on me and my ‘doing’ ability. Thank you for all that you put in front of us. “


“Thank you so much Grace Lever! I know have my self belief back! I am super excited to follow you on this amazing journey and see my business and lifestyle dreams fulfilled!”


“Do it….Doing it!

Feeling fantastic! I’ve already completed the Identity Project once for my network marketing biz…but I’ve decided to start over and do it all again for my real passion…my decision feels good!”


“Thanks so much for this, really helpful. I wanted to let you know that I’m finding the Identity Project incredibly easy to follow and exciting!”


“Wow – thank you that is soooooo helpful. Loving this group!”